Glitches by Giacomo Carmagnola

Giacomo Carmagnola, a 23-year-old student from Treviso, Italy, has already began to make small waves in the art world after appearing in several big shows around the globe for his digitally created work. However, Giacomo never meant for this to happen. In fact he never even knew he wanted to be an artist, people just began to like what he did and follow him on social media, so he continued. Carmagnola finds beauty in the disturbance and disruption of things as is evident in his artwork. For this reason instead of creating glitch-based artwork he uses usually non-copyrighted photos and selects an element to disturb and change the balance and feel of the image. See his images below!

Antique Bust Alexander the Great in Summer Garden





Discover more of Giacomo Carmagnola’s glitchwork on his tumblr and behance!

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