Omer Gal’s audacious embrace of the weird

From archaic-looking doodles, to bizarre performance art, to animations, to noise-emanating sculptures, to live music performances, to painted-on t-shirts of characters called “shitheads”, Omer Gal does just about anything and everything within his creative capabilities to continue to produce his unique art. He sees art as an opportunity for the mind to grow and expand in the face of open-endedness. To create this experience Gal relies on rough-edged, childish characters so commonly found in his drawings. His subjects are then split, and divided again, allowing something new to rise. Will it gain a new meaning or identity? Will it remain the same? What comes to one’s mind as he or she studies Omer Gal’s work is meant to be left to the beholder: open-ended. Omer was born in Israel and attended art school there and then recently graduated with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. See a small sample of his work below!

omer gal multicolor sculpture

omer gal sculpture

omer gal drawing


omer gal drawing

omer gal cat eye hand

omer gal sculpture

Check out the plethora of images, videos, and other projects on Gal’s website!

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