Adam Friedman’s twist on perception

Many believe nature to be artistic perfection and balance and that one should always turn towards it for inspiration. However, some argue that our perception limits what nature is to us as we determine rules it must follow such as up and down, near and far. We continue to abstract things by making comparisons and contrasting what we find in the world around us. However, no matter the interpretation, theory, or reproduction. The simplistic yet complex beauty of nature cannot be satisfied by an explanation. Adam Friedman admits that he uses recognizable and symbolic forms from nature – the way it is naturally seen – in his work but strives to show it from an altered perception or perhaps dimension. This idea has resulted in geometric explosions melting into mountains amid bright rays of color in Friedman’s beautiful, futuristic paintings. Enjoy!

adam friedman trippy painting

adam friedman wormhole

adam friedman trippy triangle painting

adam friedman painting

adam friedman diamond painting

adam friedman trip mountain explosion painting

For more of Adam Friedman’s paintings and other works check out his website!

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